As a child born and raised in the United States of America I have always held this country in the highest regards. I have worn American pride t-shirts, supported American wars, and pledged my allegiance to the country that I so highly admired. I have so much appreciation for the opportunities we as Americans have over the rest of the world, and was actually able to bare witness to the American dream through my mother’s experiences. For my mother was an immigrant from Ireland, and had little opportunity in her home country, and had came here to better her life and her little sisters at just the age of 15. It proved to be difficult but with much perseverance the two of them managed to establish great lives for themselves. So for this reason I have always been thankful for the work of our forefathers and the flag that has represented freedom and justice for all.

Though age and research has shown me that all the great luxuries that we love, come at an expense. Our cheap food, inexpensive building materials, and seemingly endless amount of petroleum come at a price that we as Americans rarely witness. Unfortunately, the sad reality that we face as wealthy Americans is that for us to prosper in the manner we have grown accustomed to, others must suffer. For us to buy cheap cell phones, someone must work their life away to build them for essentially nothing. For us to celebrate Mardi Gras, there must be people working away in sweatshops to produce the beads. For there to be oil in our cars, there must be nations willing to sell us petroleum for cheap, or wars ready to be waged. We as Americans need to open our eyes to truly understand the cost of simple living, and cheap commodities. We must realize that the shoes we wear, the cars we drive, and the devices we use all come at a cost. Though with sheltered minds, and even more sheltered media outlets we are unaware of the devastation we as Americans reek on the world for our lavish lifestyle.

It seems as though our flag does not gleam with the same colors it once did, for the stars and stripes seem to have molded into something more like a skull and cross-bones. A country that once stood for justice for all, seems to have changed the phrase to “justice is just simply inefficient”. This should come as no shock to the American people though because our forefathers had warned us about this age’s ago. By just escaping the grips of Britain and its imperialist tendencies they knew the danger of a faulty government. So they attempted to remove power from the national government and keep it distributed among the states. But as those of us have noticed, the states are slowly losing power to the ever-growing central government. Rarely do people even consider themselves apart of a state, but rather just the United States. Like our forefathers warned, when this central government gets too big, we are all in trouble, and our federal government got too big roughly a hundred years ago.

We have become something more powerful and intelligent than our forefathers could have ever predicted, and we are becoming an unstoppable entity that will attempt to enslave the world. It has become quite evident that our government is no longer a government by definition. It is no longer just a ruling body that makes decisions on behalf of the people to ensure safety and stability. But rather it is a neo-government comprised of businessmen and Generals, with a command and conquer mindset. After recently watching a documentary called “The Corporation,” it has become apparent to me that government officials don’t look to govern huge corporations, but rather look to them in making political and global moves. It’s becoming a sad reality that in our world nothing holds more importance than money. Not the rights of citizens, not the eco-system, and not even a human life. In this search for money our government has collaborated with armed forces and the industrial sectors that fund them to create a monster known as the “military-industrial complex” in the words of Dwight Eisenhower.

My biggest concern pertaining to this issue of military, political, and corporate collaboration is the mere fact that it seems to be hidden from the American view. None of what takes place seems to be as it really is. After reading the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” I have learned that a majority of the news is simply malarkey. A majority of the wars have been due to other reasons than what is portrayed in the media. Our foreign affairs are just simply bullshit, and the way we handle business over seas is completely scandalous. To the American people our foreign affairs seem completely legitimate and with good intentions. It appears that we are looking to spread democracy and give other nations the same great luxuries we have. Though in reality we are looking to spread capitalism, by opening up the market in these other countries and make them our lower class, so that they can fund the appetites of the American people. Once we trick them into taking loans from us then we enslave them into a lifetime of debt, where they have no option but to work for us forever. So when we hear about U.S. aiding other countries by building railways, power plants, or sewage systems, in reality the U.S. is just building invisible prisons over seas, to enslave the foreigners financially.

As you can see it all comes back to money, the dollar bill holds every single aspect of our way of life together. It builds our hospitals, funds our schools, fights our wars, and creates our laws. It has turned a country with good intentions, into global empire, hell bent on attaining this paper. Is it for survival, power, or simply greed?

It is in everyone’s DNA the desire to survive and flourish but does it really take all the money in the world to survive. I think not, but how do you stop a global machine that wants nothing more than to consume all the natural resources and commodities that this earth has to offer. We have created an artificial entity comprised of government, military, banking and political minds that has no soul, but has a huge agenda at the expense of the common man. We have been tricked into allowing a group of super elite dictate the lives of all of us. They have turned us into a society of money consumed workers, who want nothing more in this life than to consume and attain. They keep us competitive and constantly pinned against each other in so many aspects of life whether it be sports, politics, or religious beliefs. We are no longer the United States of America, but rather the disunited states of imperialism. They have us all so turned around and confused, so that we are content with whatever they do globally. As long as we can continue to buy our cheap commodities, as long as were still capturing the bad terrorists, and as long as our T.V’s keep tuning into our favorite reality shows, we the people of the United States will let the tyranny unfold.