So many of us are familiar with the fact that the world is facing extreme environmental degradation. For most of us, it probably feels like it is as though we can do nothing about it. Most of this destruction is coming from the hands of large corporations that will cease at nothing to accumulate potential profits, including destroying the very planet that provides for us all. Though this may be true, and most of the damage is being done by larger entities than ourselves, there is still action we can take a on an individual scale. And the biggest one is to not support consumer products that come from these large destructive corporations. Although it may be difficult, it is one of the best things we can do as individuals to regain the health of our planet.

As most of posts here on GACFA, this topic was inspired by a recent video I watched, and article I read about this thing known as plastic island, a large collection of plastic that is now becoming a part of the ocean. 

Created by the large currents of the ocean, plastic island is a formation that will be there indefinitely, since plastic is not biodegradable. Though my intention is not to talk about plastic island exclusively in this post, it is something I want my readers to be informed about.

The article I read was extremely interesting to me because it showed how plastic effects us today, and how it will affect us for a lifetime. Being someone who uses plastic on a daily basis it was quit informative to know how damaging I can be to the environment. The first thing that really caught my attention was how there is this big pile of plastic in the sea. Essentially an island of landfill that fish and marine life alike all consume. Including even the smallest micro-plankton, which I believe they called zooplankton. By eating this plastic, the marine life acquires toxic chemicals in their bodies. These chemicals then make their way up the food chain till ultimately we consume them. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I prefer my seafood without all the artificial toxins.

It worries me how much waste we produce that is just collecting around the world. How long can we continue in the manner that we have been going at? Will there be a day that we just live in a giant dump, or will we begin to recycle efficiently and be conscious of how much we trash this earth. We need to start thinking about consolidating rather than expanding and continue to produce more trash. If we could manage to utilize our resources that we have already extracted, rather than continue tearing this earth up we can make a serious difference in the longevity of this beautiful planet.

I don’t think that people realize the affect they are having on the planet when they throw that piece of paper away, or when they toss their water bottle out. The article states that Newspapers don’t biodegrade when buried away from air and water . That’s why we have 3,000 year old papyrus scrolls from Egypt. It also went on to say that they pull perfectly readable newspapers out of landfills from the 1930s. There is just no connection in our minds of where trash goes, once it is out of sight, it is out of mind.

I think there should be some sort of liability that individuals should have in the waste that they produce. It’s too easy to not be accountable for the waste we are producing, and to just go on with our lives without a care. Though I don’t believe that citizens should be arrested for producing trash, I do think there should a tax incentive for recycling or something along those lines. Additionally I think there should be heavy taxes on companies that do business in the U.S. that have no migrated to more sustainable materials, that can be recycled or composted. But If corporations are not urged to make these changes then we as individuals should simply not support them or their environmentally damaging products.

If its the dollar they want, then lets not give it to them.

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